How To Start A Dance Company- Online Course $175.00
Four Week Online Course on starting your own dance company, especially outside of New York:
Topics Include:
-how to determine when's the right time to begin this ambitious endeavor and finding the
language to explain what you do
-how to find talented artists and work with awesome people who understand your vision and deliver the results you want
- finding confidence in your artistic voice
-how to find money to pay your folks and yourself, be successful at crowdfunding, grant writing,
and fundraising
- how to build your website, social media presence, aligning them with your mission and values and begin to determine the best venues for your work

The Commitment:
3-5 hours per week to complete online workshop material

The Cost: $175
Registration Opens July 15th
Deadline: July 26th
Class Begins: July 30th

-once class is purchased you will receive an email with instructions within 24 hours
Total Price: $175.00
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